Phil Jackson legendary bulls and lakers coach, who won 11 rings, summed Jordan up to a tee while on Jay Leno. He explained Jordan was competitive on the court, ping pong table, golf course and what ever he encountered in life. This is the greatness of MJ and this is the inspiration behind the ‘MJ Tribute’ crewneck.

The records broken and set by Jordan are unprecedented and are what makes him such a revered figure in the world of sport. But it’s not just what he did on the court that blows minds, it’s his immortality-like personality that had fans going crazy. The Nike Air Jordan shoes became so popular that supply could not meet demand. There were frequent reports of assault and robberies in relation to Air Jordans with one famous incident of a student being choked to death over the shoes.

In 1985 Nike released its first pair of Air Jordans, becoming an immediate classic. The NBA commissioner at the time, David Stern, attempted to ban MJ from wearing his signature sneakers because it didn’t match with the rest of the Bull’s kit. However Jordan continued to wear them and Nike were prepared to pay the fine each game amounting to $410,000 in the season. This inspired Nike to create an ad in relation to the debacle and helped propel the Jordan shoe brand to unthinkable heights.

His accomplishments on the court are mind blowing and sometimes you really do question whether he was immortal. In Jordan’s second season of the NBA he was forced on the sideline missing 64 games due to injury. His next appearance came that year in the play-offs against the Celtics where he set a record that still is to be overhauled, by scoring 63 points in a single play-off game. Think about it for a second.. you’re a rookie in your second season and practically haven’t played a game, but pop up in the play-offs and set a record against a Celtics team considered to be one of the greatest of all time lead by one of the greatest players of all time, Larry Bird.. Pretty dope. This is just the beginning and one of many things worth mentioning. In his third season he became the second player ever to score 3,000 points. There are so many stats, records, awards, trophies and memorable moments related to MJ, it will make your head spin, so I’ll sum up with this… He won 6 NBA championships, 5 regular season MVP’s, six Finals MVPs (NBA record), and three All-Star MVPs. This makes Jordan the most decorated player ever to play in the NBA. He is the GOAT (greatest of all time).

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